In order to keep up with today’s contactless digital world, the way we connect with potential customers needs to change. Your conventional single use business card is ineffective when so much of our business has become virtual. As our communication evolves, so should our calling card! 

Welcome To Moovcard

How Moovcard Works in 3 Easy Steps



Place your card against the mobile device belonging to the person with whom you are sharing your contact information.  



    The person will receive an immediate alert on their device, allowing them to add your contact details directly to their phone.



      Enjoy the rest of your day, knowing that you’ve given your prospective client a memorable experience and an easy way to connect with you!

        Are you a:

        • Professional service provider looking for new clients?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Salesperson connecting with new customers?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Real estate agent growing your local network?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Businessperson wanting more business reviews?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Entrepreneur growing your eCommerce business?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Hospitality industry professional showcasing your restaurant’s features and menu? No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Fundraiser looking to raise money for a non-profit organization or a charitable cause? No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Automotive professional at a trade show? No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Artist sharing your creative social media portfolio?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!
        • Sales manager connecting with new recruits?  No problem. Tap, Share, Go!

        Whether you are a business person, a service provider, an artist or an entrepreneur, Moovcard can be customized to work for you!

        Say goodbye to the hassle of accumulating business cards! 

        If you’re a business professional, you’ve likely had the experience of leaving a networking meeting with a pocketful of business cards.  You say you’ll add the information from the cards you’ve collected to your phone, but you never do and eventually the cards get lost and discarded. (If you’re doing that with other people’s business cards, they’re likely doing the same with yours!) 

        Did You Know?

        Out of the 10 billion cards printed each year, over 8 billion cards will be tossed within a week. (That’s 88% of your cards — and a lot of trees that are needlessly going to waste when there’s a better solution!) 

        With Moovcard, you can add your contact info to a mobile device with just ONE tap or your business info to their home screen with just one click! 

        What can your personalized Moovcard do for you?

        Create a memorable encounter. Your card is a representation of you and is an extension of your brand. By creating a unique and lasting impression, your professional connections will be more likely to remember you in a positive light

        Allows for a seamless and completely digital contactless solution.

        Saves you money! Moovcard card will save you the expenses of on-going printing costs and materials. 

        Reduces your carbon footprint. No more needless paper waste!

        Over seven million trees are cut down each year for paper business cards. And according to our company’s research, 88% of those cards are immediately thrown away.

        Contactless, online registration from our digital platform.

        Personalized professional landing page.

        Airplane mode means you can use it with or without an internet connection. 

        Be ready NFC key tags and discrete NFC stickers.

        Choose from the

        Business Review Pack

        For businesses that want to drive reviews to Google or other digital platforms. The NFC key tag provides tap access to three platforms of your choice.

        Social Media Pack

        For creatives that want to share their social media portfolio or professional profiles.  The NFC key tag allows you to select up to three platforms of your choice.

        Restaurant Pack

        A combination pack that includes your restaurant’s takeout menu, review site and one social media option of your choice.

        Our customized Moovcard service packs are built to drive the results you’re focused on!

        Whether you are an individual or working as part of a team, Moovcard can be seamlessly scaled to add new team members or business resources with our add-on hardware options!

        NOW is the time to TAP into your market and leave a lasting first impression!

        Strategy ♦ Design ♦ Execution